9 thoughts on “Ideaparty

  1. As advice from Bab, have decided to try out in a couple of orphanage in Cambodia and Mustang, Nepal.Just to get a feel of working as a volunteer. Will slowly start cooking course on line with my wife’s help as from December to generate interest and funding for my future work. Thanks Barbara idea party is great.
    Himalayan Chef

    • That is so wonderful, Himalayan Chef!! What a great idea. I want to come with you!! (Need a fundraising idea to pay for the plane tickets? Run a teleclass or two on Skype – with video – and show us how to cook one interesting thing. I know you’re already a chef. And I’m getting bored with what I eat. Charge $22 – or something – and make our lives better. Do one or two classes a month & put the proceeds in a piggy bank. Sign me up as the first student.)

  2. Very nice! Can´t wait to see the whole thing when it´s ready. That´s my wish.

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